TAC Towcester Aikido Club

Governing Body

Towcester Aikido Club is a member of the Kai Shin Kai organisation. Kai Shin Kai is a traditional school of Aikido.

The organisation has twenty-four member clubs; twenty are spread throughout Britain, two in Northern Italy, Aosta, and two in the United States – in Tampa, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

As there are many schools of Aikido, Kai Shin Kai has an open heart, open mind, open school policy to encompass these styles within the organisation allowing each club its own autonomy but asking that they adhere to recognised standards when entering into gradings for Ikkyu and above.

Senior gradings are held once a year in April for Ikkyu and above students.

Each year there are weekend or Sunday courses held using KSK’s own senior instructors and also inviting Senseis from other countries. The major courses are normally held in Aylesbury, Bucks at a local Community Centre and are open to all classes of membership.

Further information about Kai Shin Kai can be obtained from: www.kaishinkai.co.uk
Towcester Sports and Social Club is a Private Members Club and Licensing Laws Must be Adhered to.